Covid-19 Update 24/09/2020

In light of the changes that come in today , please do have a read of the following before your next visit to Brouge:

✅ Please remember your face covering. These must be worn when entering the pub and may be removed once seated. Face covering must also be worn when leaving your table to go to the toilet and when exiting the building.

✅ All tables are to receive table service only. Please remain seated throughout your visit, and do not approach the bar – we will look after you at your table. Please feel free to give us a smiling happy wave to attract our attention if need be

✅ The maximum number of guests we can accept per table is 6, this includes children and everyone must be seated at all times and please no mingling between tables.

✅ All Food & drink must be ordered from, and served at your table. This also applies to those who are just drinking.

✅ All guests must provide contact details in line with track and trace laws. We have a QR Code at the Entrance for use with the NHS Test & Trace app and for those without a smart phone, we will continue to use pen & paper. Please download the NHS Covid-19 app as all pubs are now required to use the same QR code. If you had already downloaded it, you will need to delete the app and reload as it’s now been updated and works!

✅ Please continue to follow the one-way system – enter via the Car Park entrance. No matter where you are choosing to sit (inside or out) it would be great if you could all come in via the front door so a member of staff can seat you and take drink orders straight away.

✅ At 10pm we must say good night and see you soon! We will be taking last orders at the bar at 9:30pm to ensure you have enough time to finish your drink.

Once again we are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support, and we shall continue providing our usual friendly, welcoming service but now more than ever we need that support.

I’ve seen many posts from pubs saying we must evolve, we must adapt and change and anyone who knows us, know we have done nothing but adapt since the start of lockdown! We turned ourself into a BBQ takeaway and of course did meal takeaways which saw people coming from far and wide to try our food and it was only thanks to you all that we got through lockdown.

We are once again being hit with new restrictions when in fact pubs (that follow rules like we do) are a safe environment for you to come to however, the powers that be insist we must close early 😢. This now means less diners, less drinkers which in turn means lower takings so please please please, remember to support your pub to ensure it is still here once normality as we knew it comes back! We will once again be looking at what we can do to change and keep going so keep a look out for further changes and offerings at the pub.

If anyone has any questions or concerns with the new rules, please feel free to have a chat with us and remember, when the staff ask you to do something, it isn’t us nagging, it’s us ensuring we do not get hit with a fine of anywhere between £200-£10000 and more importantly, it’s to keep you all safe and to keep the pub from closing.

To finish, (it’s been a long one hasn’t it) we would just like to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who has been to pub, to those who have bought a takeaway from us, to those who have popped in to say hello and is there anything we can do to help, to those locals supplying us with fish, fruit & veg and finally to our fabulous team of staff for being ready to change and adapt to ensure the safety of everyone and to also ensure that our little pub is still the beating heart of our fabulous community. Thank you, thank you, thank you…….we honestly would not be where we are now without you all.

Much love as always,

Miri, Blade and The Team